2019 Hong Kong Fur Gala

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Hong Kong Fur Gala 2019

Showcasing the Nature and Glamour of Furs


(March, 2019 - Hong Kong) The Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair from 15 to 18 February 2019, an annual highlight on the fashion calendar, kicked off at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. An exceptionally all-rounded range of exhibits, ranging from raw materials to fur apparel and accessories were in the limelight. The total exhibition space reached 28,000 square meters to congregate over 180 local and overseas exhibitors from 10 countries and regions.


The star-studded evening was unveiled with the glamourous Fur Gala 2019. Hong Kong has long been regarded as the global hub of fur trading and luxury fur apparel exporter. The Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair has never failed to amaze international buyers since 1982 with timeless chic and trendy innovation while Hong Kong furriers are today shipping their stylish fur accessories and apparel to over 30 countries around the world. The trendy style and unlimited design show the endless possibilities and glamour of fur in the new generation. The natural fur is a sustainable fashion chic and responsible choice.


The stars shine bright as a galaxy of social elites joined this spectacular event. The honorable presence of representatives from most of chambers of commerce and business associations was highlighting the remarkable achievements of the Hong Kong fur industry on the international stage. Meanwhile, Mr. Wilson Chiu, Chairman of Hong Kong Fur Federation, noted, “Surely the endeavor of the Hong Kong fur industry has won support and recognition by our long term business partners, making Hong Kong being acknowledged as the world’s No.1 fur center. We are all proud that “Fur by Hong Kong” is a renowned brand and I wish we can make more achievements with the support of local and overseas business partners in the future.”


To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Fur Gala 2019 under the theme “Expression” featured a live musical presentation and impressed the audience with unique fur looks that celebrate the romantic, passionate, glamorous and cheerful charm of the opulent material and its versatility from 10 in top tiers fur companies. The curtain was raised by Regal Fur & Fashion Ltd that complements modern femininity with its sensational visual effect and luxury texture with the concept “Leading Youngster from Street to the Stage”. “Fur Is A Part of Fashion” highlighted by Chiu’s Fur Trading Co. showcased the urban elegance for women with chic design and different colors. Inspired by the shiny light in the spring, East Link Fur Ltd illustrated the different glamour with precious Russian sable.


Meanwhile, Ace Fur Manufacturing Ltd was inspired by misty morning in the early winter fusing classical elements with innovative technology. Themed with elegance, Precious Fur Trading Co set off unique beauty with delicate cut design. S.F Fashion Co. Ltd extended geometric aesthetic to illustrate the charm of modern city while Dai-Ichi Madam Fur Ltd amazed international buyers with wild and rational ideas as well as strong visual impulse.


Featured with bright yellow and light green, Season Trading Co Ltd impressed buyers with the sensuality of down and parka. O’merinos International Ltd mixed different materials and animal patterns with restless imagination followed by Hong Kong Fur Factory Ltd that epitomised avant-garde originality with Pop Art and refined silhouettes.


“Fur by Hong Kong” has become a distinguished label around the globe, synonymous with state-of-the-art technologies, unrivalled craftsmanship and original design. Revealing the latest trends of fur fashion, Fur Gala 2019 offered the perfect platform for buyers and professionals worldwide to explore new inspiration and share latest market trend with industry players.

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