Fur Care

Fur fashion today boasts a wide profusion of colour, finishing and style, choose those best complement your personal charm and lifestyle.

  • The quality of pelts, number of skins used and good workmanship determine the price of a fur garment.
  • Look for a fur coat which is soft, supple and with natural colour that shines with a lustre.
  • Fine quality fur has soft, dense underfur and long silky guard hairs that are even in length. There should be no bald spots, broken tips or matted fur.
  • Check whether the lining is silk or silk-blend.
  • Check under the lining – a well-made fur garment should be sewn without fur peeking through the seams.
  • Finally, the colour of the pelts that make up the fur coat should be matched. There are internationally recognized labels to identify high-quality fur garments.

Fur fashion has become part of our wardrobe whether for daytime chic or evening glamour, and the modern new fur is just easy to care. Given the right care, you can keep your fur in its original beauty and luster for many years.


  1. To prevent fur being crushed and creased, use a broad-shouldered, padded hanger to hang your fur coat in a spacious wardrobe.
  2. Never store a fur coat in a plastic bag, or in place where the air is not circulating, because the fur will eventually become dry.
  3. Keep your fur coat away from fires and radiators as direct heat will cause leather to dry and crack.
  4. Do not comb or brush the hairs - just shake them out.
  5. If your fur coat gets wet from rain or snow, hang it to dry in a cool place with good ventilation. Do not put your fur into the wardrobe unless it is thoroughly dry. If your fur is wet through, take it to your furrier for proper treatment.


  1. Do not pin any decorations onto your fur as they can damage or flatten the hairs.
  2. Handbag straps and seat-belts may eventually cause damage to your fur.
  3. Never spray perfume directly onto your fur. The alcohol will dry the leather and stiffen the hairs; and it is difficult to remove even by dry cleaning.

Storage & Cleaning

  1. Keep your fur in a cold place during hot season, or let your furrier take care of it.
  2. Have your fur cleaned regularly by a specialist.
  3. Any split or tear requires a furrier to repair.