Fur Design Competition

2018 Fur Design Competition

A breeding ground which nurtures new crops of rising stars for the fur industry.

Press Release

“From Nature to Nature”

Hong Kong Fur Design Competition 2018

The Beauty of Nature by Fur Fashion


(January 2018 – Hong Kong) The Hong Kong fur industry has been internationally acclaimed for its impeccable craftsmanship and unparalleled creativity. To identify and nurture local design talents, the Young Executive Committee (YEC) of Hong Kong Fur Federation presented the annual “Hong Kong Fur Design Competition” that aims to encourage local young designers to flex their creative muscles and provide an exchange platform for the industry players and fur enthusiasts to further explore new and exciting possibilities of fur design.


The “Hong Kong Fur Design Competition 2018” was held at Felix, The Peninsula on 9th January, 2018. The contest received enthusiastic responses this year with over 350 submissions from 175 students with the participation of 6 local design institutes. The outstanding designs of 23 students were shortlisted in the 1stand 2nd phases. And then 7 finalists’ 14 entries were shortlisted by the judge panels to vie for seven honours at the award presentation ceremony, including the “Commercial Award” and the “Finalist Award”. Aiming to provide a stage for aspiring young designers to shine and flaunt their creativity, all winners were rewarded with cash prizes while the Winner and 1st Runner-up will be enrolled in a short term fur design course in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the 2nd Runner-up will be enrolled in a short term fur design course in Toronto, Canada, in order to broaden their horizons and sharpen their skills.


Echoing the theme “From Nature to Nature”, the design of participants was inspired by various natural elements from animal, wasteland to stone. Notable for the exceptional creativity, students ingeniously applied plenty of natural colors and forms ranging from the elegance of peacock, shape of stone to colorful movements of goldfish .With the magnificent lighting and harmonious music, the sensational show culminated in presentation of the 14 glamourous fur pieces, offering the audiences a glimpse into the beauty of nature. Perfectly blended nature with modern elements, the show drew all eyes to the endless possibilities of fur and the beauty of nature. 


Before the announcement of competition result, the MC shared a good news with the guests that one of the finalists, Ms. Lam Wing Sum from Institute of Textiles & Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, her designs have been selected by the Vogue Panel as one of 10 finalists to participate in the “Remix International Competition” in Milan, Italy in February. The Hong Kong Fur Federation was glad with Ms. Lam Wing Sum’s achievement and wishes her the best in the competition.


Mr. William Sun, Chairman of Young Executive Committee of Hong Kong Fur Federation, thanked various industries representatives and guests joining the event and supporting local young talents. He was pleased to see that the competition continues to garner wide attention this year and the guests spoke highly of students’ designs in extraordinary practicability and color creativity. 


He added that “I hope that the competition can bring new energy to the fur industry while provide a platform for potential designers to explore the versatility of fur and infuse the chic concept with exquisite craftsmanship. We are proud that Hong Kong has a legendary history in fur industry and has made superior achievements in international market. It is encouraging to see so many YEC members as well as myself choose to continue the family legacies and promote fur designs.”


This year’s judging panel comprised Mr. Wilson Chiu, Chairman of Hong Kong Fur Federation, Mr. Stephen Liang, Assistant Executive Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Ms. Hidy Ng, renowned fashion designer, Ms. Lumin Yao, General Manager of China Operations of North American Fur Auctions, Ms. Chris Cui, President of Kopenhagen Fur (China) and Ms. Nora Tse, a fur expert. Winners were recognized for the originality and creativity, commercial value and marketability, workmanship, use of fur materials, and overall design concept of their collections.

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